About us

  • A manufacturer of cleaning brushes specialized in medical devices
  • A French company created 20 years ago, involved in the fight against nosocomial infections,
  • A recognized player in the central sterile services department (CSSD) and Endoscopy Suites

Our values

  • Being a reliable player and confidence to our customers.
  • Design and manufacture brushes and swabs with a quality requirement: LTA Medical is the only manufacturer of brushes and swabs offering a warranty of use of its products.
  • Provide to our customers, a special attention and availability in the field, to offer them the solutions and best tools possible such as: training, customer monitoring and renewal.


Our aim: Offer products that optimize hygiene through increased cleaning efficiency.

With the constraints of disinfection procedures and complexity of medical devices (materials, architecture), LTA Medical constantly innovating by developing more qualitative brushes ranges and swabs.

We have done research on the performance of brushing with many innovations by integrating the most relevant technologies choice of high Technology components such as nickel-titanium alloys, non-absorbent fibers, ect … These innovations have been the subject of several patents.

Made in France

The design, manufacturing and packaging take place in our Factory located in France.

The integration of the whole production chain allows us an assured mastery of the quality.