With manufacturing entirely based in France, LTA Medical specialises in the design and production of high quality brushes used by CSSDs in the cleaning and reprocessing of medical devices and endoscopy equipment.

In 1993 Julien Bourrelly took his family experience of brush manufacturing and directed his focus on producing specifically designed brushes for CSSDs and providing a highly customer focused service in doing so.

The ethos of being a reliable and trusted partner for its’ customers and offering high quality products continues to this day.



LTA’s goal is the innovation and development of products that optimise hygiene by greater cleaning effectiveness.

The company continually provides its’ customers with dedicated attention and through training, monitoring and education, the company is able to repeatedly supply solutions and tools to fulfill customer needs and demands.



The company continues to comprehensively invest in deep research into hospital and endoscopy needs as well as brush performance and cutting edge materials.

LTA integrates the most relevant and advantageous technologies and components (such as nickel-titanium alloys, non-absorbent fibres, etc…) to produce the highest quality and most reliable channel and external brushes available to CSSDs and Endoscopy departments.


By choosing to use LTA brushes you can be assured of a long held dedication to quality and design.

A selection of reusable and single use brushes for internal and external cleaning of medical devices and equipment all constructed from components that have been carefully selected on multiple, such as their longevity, efficiency of cleaning and resistance to wear and tear.

The brushes are high quality, designed to be stainless steel compatible, ensuring that the surface of expensive and delicate medical devices and equipment remains uncompromised.

The range of brushes are also subject to regular stress testing to ensure reliable optimum use.

Long lasting and low absorption thermoplastic brush head fibers of varying rigidity allow LTA to bring to the market a comprehensive range of brushes, each individually tailored to the particular demands of any cleaning requirement.

Ensure that customers obtain the best results LTA also provides tried and tested guidance when it comes to cleaning techniques and equipment to guarantee the most effective use of their products, thereby continually optimising hygiene.