With reference to the European Standard EN 285, the Bowie – Dick Test is a mandatory test for steam sterilisers.


This functionality test for steam sterilisers needs to be done at the beginning of the working day and after a successful pass of the Bowie & Dick Test Pack, the steam steriliser can be released for use. The Bowie – Dick Test Pack is dedicated for porous loads in pre-vacuum hospital steam sterilisers.

It complies with EN ISO 11140-1 (Type 2) as well as EN-ISO 11140-4
The Bowie‐dick test results are accurate and reproducible.

The ISO 11140-4 indicator is non reversible with an easy to interpret colour change from yellow to black.
The packs contain an easy to complete data sheet and the laminated indicator prevents any interaction with ink.
Ink used in the product is free of any toxic component and the paper is high quality re‐cycled material.