Designed for transportation of goods between the operation theatre and CSSD.

The trolleys consist of one compartment and can be equipped with 2 or 3 solid shelves which are adjustable in height.

The trolleys can be equipped with slides with stainless steel profiles to accommodate sterilization baskets and can be equipped with one or two doors.

Two pushing bars are placed in a vertical position on both shorter sides of the trolleys, which makes it possible to open the doors over 270°. This ensures that everybody can use the trolleys, no matter how tall or short they are.

The doors are lockable to prevent unauthorized people from opening the trolleys and are equipped with long lasting rubber sealings.

The transport trolleys are equipped with two Ø 200mm swivel castors with brakes and two Ø 200mm rigid castors for easy transport.

In the bottom corners bumpers have been placed to protect not only the trolley but the walls as well.

If required, the trolley can be equipped with special castors to make them suitable to be entered into a trolley washer / disinfector.

There are various accessories available for the Famos closed transport trolleys such as A4 document holder, door fixations to hold the doors open, a coupling system with pulling rod to connect multiple trolleys with one another and can be completely adapted to client-specific requirements.

CODE Dimensions in mm DESCRIPTION Quantity
Closed transport trolley with single door and 3 shelves
Closed transport trolley with double doors and 2 shelves
Closed transport trolley with double doors and 3 shelves