​Capture, record and log the complete temperature and thermal disinfection profile of your Automated Instrument Washer.

The TempaChek-DL is easy to use by first connecting the data logger with the integral USB adapter to a Windows PC, then program the logger to begin recording at a prescribed time.

When ready to record, place the data logger within a basket inside the washer. At the end of the cycle, plug the TempaChek- DL back into the computer USB port and download and save the captured temperature data.

You can confirm disinfection by comparing actual thermal disinfection temperature and time to the target values for your washer. In addition to disinfection, the data logger also provides a complete log of surface temperatures throughout the cleaning cycle.​

Use the TempaChekTM-DL to monitor a single cycle, recording the temperature every second, or use the data logger all day, to get a complete record of the washer’s performance, throughout the day.

Includes the data logger and the software installation stick.