A simple to use test for flexible endoscope biopsy channels.

Flexible endoscopes are notoriously difficult to clean and more difficult still is verifying that the cleaning has been adequate.
Now there is a test for checking the cleanliness of the biopsy channel of the flexible endoscope.
The EndoCheck™ is a miniature chemistry kit that is simple to use and interpret.
Simply swab the biopsy channel of the scope with the included soft-tipped long probe, clip off the swab into the vial.
Mix the activating agent, shake vigorously, wait and then check for a color change.
Depending on the type of test used, a color change indicates that blood residue or protein residue remains in the channel, and should be reprocessed.

EndoCheck™ complies with ASTM Guide D7225.

Swab diameter sizes from 1.0 – 5.0 mm are available.