With reference to the European Standard EN 285, the Bowie – Dick Test is a mandatory test for steam sterilisers.

Tested against the original Bowie – Dick Test Pack by an independent micro‐biological laboratory ​this Bowie – Dick Helix Test Set is dedicated for hollow loads in a bench top steriliser class B. 

​Compared to the BD Test Pack (porous loads) the Bowie & Dick Helix Test simulates a hollow instrument and generates a bigger challenge for the steam steriliser and the steam sterilisation process.

The Helix strips complies with EN ISO 11140-1 (Type 2) as well EN 867.

The Bowie – Dick Helix Test produces accurate and reproducible results, is easy to set up and execute, with irreversible easy to interpret colour changes on the test card.

The ink used within the product is free of any toxic component and the paper used is of high quality recycled material.