A variety of instrument brackets suitable for hinged and clear top
Micro ProTech(TM) trays and our selection of wire baskets.

Our instrument brackets are designed to accommodate and complement our range of wire baskets as well as the hinged and clear top Micro ProTech(TM) trays.

The brackets are available with screw-in or push-fit fixings.

The screw-in brackets (suitable for our range of wire baskets) consist of four different silicone cut-out designs that pair with a stainless steel universal fixation piece, which simply attach and screw into the bottom of the tray.

The four styles of cut-outs can be custom arranged, which provides various options for convenient storage in accordance with the width and length of medical instruments.

These brackets are available in a package of four, and are heat-resistant up to 135 °C.
Also available are the easy to install push-fit brackets, which are designed to complement the hinged top and clear top.
Micro ProTech tray selection and are available in a wide variety of sizes and cut-out designs to ensure maximum protection and security configuration.