Vented, channelled and flexible instrument tip protectors.
Tough on protection, delicate on tips.

Our vented instrument guards (coloured) are designed to accommodate full impact sterilisation yet provide maximum tip protection.

The channelled design tip protectors (transparent) prevent moisture from being trapped between the protector and the instrument.

In both examples, being vented ensures that moisture quickly evaporates during the sterilisation cycle. The transparent tip protectors offer an easy line of sight of the instrument tip and has a design that prevents the protector from sticking to the instrument. 

Mesh sleeve style tip protectors (yellow) are designed for instruments of a more delicate nature or design.

These lightweight durable polyethylene single use tip protectors are perfect for instruments such as rigid endoscopes. 
The mesh design is available as a covered tip protector or as a protective open ended sleeve.

The flexible mesh means they can expand to accommodate a wide range of sizes and are suitable only for use in low temperature sterilisers.