An adaptable made-to-measure modular storage system for sterile instruments and equipment

The modular FamoStorage system allows CSSDs and SSDs to design and install their own made to measure storage system.

The system is easily installed and extended with the option for fixed or caster foot fittings for static or moveable shelving.

Comprising a Stainless Steel shelving framework (available in multiple sizes) with U and L shaped profiles and solid or perforated shelving,
you can design the configuration that best suits your environment, sterilisation protocols and requirements.

The system requires minimum maintenance, is easily cleaned and for a hygienic finish the system can be fitted with a sloping Stainless Steel roof section to ensure the top section of shelving remains dirt and dust free. 

The FamoStorage system has a height of 2100 mm and has a storage capacity of 1200 kg per section (per 600 -1200mm shelf the maximum loading = 150 kg and 100 kg for shelving measuring 1200 – 1500 mm.)

For component details and dimensions of our standard sets please refer to the Ordering Details below.

For systems that require units not listed please contact us directly as we can supply components ​designed and manufactured to your own custom requirements.