For rapid and confident testing of protein and blood traces within cannulated instruments and endoscopes.

The cleaning and reprocessing of instruments presents unique challenges and the thermolabile nature of certain surgical instruments means there is an ever greater emphasis on cleaning protocols and techniques.

The Pyromol test from Pereg is a simple protein test which when used with appropriately sized swabscan reliably and confidently be used to test the lumens of cannulated instruments such as flexible endoscopes.

The Pyromol-E test works on the practice of the test swabs being passed entirely through the lumens of the instrument in question, followed by the tip of the swab being cut and placed into the appropriate test vial solution.

The presence of blood or protein is indicated by the appearance of a blue dot on the swab tip.

The test provides results that are easily interpreted and provide such accuracy as to ensure complete confidence when releasing instruments back into service.

The protein free spun polyester swabs are available in fours sizes of tip (1.7, 2.8, 3.8, and 5.0 mm) and are attached to a long slender and ultra flexible yet robust nylon shaft (approximately 2 meters in length) ​offering maximum control, manoeuvrability and penetration.

The Pyromol – E test kits are available as a pack of six test vials and swabs.

With a detection level as low as 1μg this self contained and pre-prepared test requires no further equipment and delivers rapid, reliable and objective test result.