A simple, pre-prepared colour change swab test for the detection of protein and blood.

Complying with EN ISO 15883, Pereg’s Pyromol test is a simple protein test suited to testing  the surfaces of surgical instruments and equipment for potential protein contamination.

The Pyromol test is self contained, pre-prepared and complete and is designed to rapidly check for the presence of protein (which is also present in blood) with a detection level as low as 1μg.

The test works on the practice of the test swabs being brought into contact with a potentially contaminated surface, followed by the tip of the swab being placed
into the appropriate test vial solution.

The presence of blood or protein causes colour changes within the vial that are easily interpreted and provide such accuracy as to ensure complete confidence
when releasing instruments back into service.

The Pyromol kit contains 20 vials of test solution and a quantity of complementary short length, protein-free polyester spun swabs.

Pyromol offers clean, rapid, no fuss testing with colour change test results that are objective and easy to interpret.

Testing well the microgram range and compared to other tests like the OPA method, the Ninhydrin or the Biuret tests, the Pyromol test is more sensitive and selective
in performance.

Aside from instrument and equipment surfaces the lumens of cannulated instruments such as the flexible endoscope can also be confidently tested using Pyromol.