Routine monitoring and validation of cleaning efficiency of flexible endoscope washers and detergents, in accordance with EN ISO 15883.

As sterilisation processes are impractical for flexible endoscopes, greater emphasis has to be placed upon the cleaning process itself. This means that regular testing
of washer effectiveness is crucial. 

The TOSI FlexiCheck is easy to assemble with robust, well engineered fittings.

The test is comprehensive with the test plate carrying test soils for blood and polysaccharide to simulate any form of contamination a flexible endoscope is likely
to encounter during service.

The Flexicheck provides objective results giving simple clear indications regarding the effectiveness of cleaning times, water temperatures, detergent efficiencies and dosing as well as water quality.
To accommodate a wide variety of washer types and wash cycles a selection of FlexiCheck adapters are available to ensure industry wide compatibility.