With reference to the European Standard EN 285, the Bowie – Dick Test is a mandatory test for steam sterilisers.

With Famos we are able to provide Bowie & Dick testing equipment to complement porous and hollow loads as well as testing for Class B bench top sterilisers.

This functionality test for steam sterilisers needs to be done at the beginning of the working day and following a successful pass of the Bowie – Dick Test the steam steriliser can be released for use.

The PCD units of the the helix tests represents a greater test challenge for steam sterilisers and the sterilisation process as the indicator cards are sited within a retaining device attached to a narrow lumen tube.

The Bowie – Dick Test Pack and Bowie & Dick Test Set comply to EN ISO 11140-1 (type 2) as well as EN ISO 11140-4